1. Diagnostic test*: This is a SAT test that aims at:

a. Assessing the applicant's English level**.

b. Analyzing how he/she develops the test; from here the strengths and weaknesses are defined and the work plan is proposed.

Register to the Diagnostic Test.

2. Work Hours: During these hours, the strategies are defined, section by section; these strategies are consolidated through constant practice and the progress is evaluated through practice tests.


3. Practice Tests: For our students, there are completely FREE practice tests that are carried out in order to evaluate the progress; based on the results the second part of the course is programmed. This is a real and complete exam. For non-Get Ready! students, these tests are available at a low cost.


​This is a personalized process. We are very practical, we have to develop and define the strategies that will lead the student to achieve the required score. The classes can be taken at our Bogotá office; they can also be taken at home, depending on the location and availability of our teachers.

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The course material consists of a book prepared by the College Board. This material is supplemented with practice tests from other resources.


Class schedules are defined by mutual agreement, depending on the student's time availability and teacher schedules. From Monday to Friday we work from 6.30am to 9pm and Saturdays from 7am to 2pm.



To know how to register for the test, click here.

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* To take the diagnostic tests, it is necessary to register in advance using the format found in the Diagnostic Test Registration section. If for any reason you can not attend this session, please inform us of your time availability and we will do our best to schedule another time that fits your better

** If the person does not have the English level that will allow him/her obtain the score, it is recommended to consolidate his/her General English first, before beginning the preparation process.



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