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  • From the comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world.

  • Always with a tutor.

  • Don't waste time commuting.

  • Take greater advantage of your time.

  • Record the sessions to review them whenever necessary.

1. Diagnostic Test
  • Diagnostic test whose objective is to:

             a.  Get an approximate score if

                  you were to take the test


              b. Results are base for

                   proposing a plan of work

                   upon strenghts and


2. Plan of Work
  • Based upon results from diagnostic test.

  • Number of hours recommended seeking the desired score.

  • Define how long the preparation would take

  • Quote submission

3. Get Ready! for your test
  • Definition of schedule

  • Appointment of tutor

  • Payment confirmation

  • ZOOM installation

  • Start of classes